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Workstation and PC Cluster ChemNet


The computer cluster ChemNet will go out of service presumably in August 2016. It will be replaced by the new computer cluster BCPnet.


Please note: The email service of chemistry has migrated to the computer center. Please use the mail server of ZEDAT in the future!

Cost free use of Microsoft Software

By means of the Imagine program (previously DreamSpark or MSDNAA) of Microsoft, members and students of the Freie Universität Berlin may use numerous Microsoft products (e.g. Windows operating systems) free of cost. The WebStore is accessible from the ZEDAT portal (software).

PC Pool for Students

The PC pool is located in Fabeckstr. 36a, room 304(a).

Password Change in "ChemNet"

1. Unix/Linux/E-Mail: Login (by means of ssh, e.g., using puTTY) to the computer odin.chemie.fu-berlin.de and use the command passwd.

2. Windows "Kennwort" (domain ChemNet): Login as usual (by means of the key combination Ctrl-Alt-Delete), then press again the key combination Ctrl-Alt-Delete and select the control field "Kennwort ändern".

Information about Linux/Unix ChemNet

ChemNet is a Network of Unix computers at the Institut für Chemie und Biochemie. Currently it consists essentially of Linux servers and a few SGI Iris Indigo workstations. The servers are also accessible from personal computers running MS Windows (via X server emulations such as Xming/XLaunch or xwin32). There are short overviews of the installed software as well as smaller programs and utilities.


* Introduction

* Installed Software

* Communication in the Net

* The UNIX Operation System

* The Graphical User Interface (GUI) X-Window

* The Graphical User Interface for PCs

* Miscellaneous


2 Mar 2017:

Paper highlights (archive)




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