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Colloquia in the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry - Synthetic Chemistry

Summer Semester 2012

Time: Tuesdays, 16:15 hours

Location: Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry - Organic Chemistry, Freie Universität Berlin,
Takustrasse 3, 14195 Berlin. The colloquia are held in the lecture hall.

2012-04-17 David Crich
Wayne State University
"Methodology Development and Physical Organic Chemistry: A Powerful Combination for the Advancement of Glycochemistry"
2012-04-24 Peter Schreiner
Uni Giessen
"Tunneling control of chemical reactions"
2012-05-08 Shie-Ming Peng
National Taiwan University, Taipeh
"Molecular Metal Wires and Related Molecular Materials"
2012-05-15 Frank Glorius
Uni Münster
"Stories on design and surprise: C-H activation, asymmetric arene hydrogenation and NHC organocatalysis"
2012-06-26 Charles McKenna
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
"Phosphonate chemistry in medicine: from bone actives to antiviral agents"
2012-07-03 Ezequiel M. Vázquez López
Universidade de Vigo, Spain
"Hydrazones in the design of metallosupramolecular compounds"
2012-07-10 Frank Breher
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
"Neue Perspektiven für 'nicht-klassische' Moleküle: Schwere [1.1.1]Propellane der Gruppe 14"

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Prof. Dr. Nora Graf, Prof. Dr. Christoph Tzschucke, 2012-04-02

Kein SSI !!