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Liste von Anwendungen auf Linux-Rechnern

Liste von Anwendungen, die auf den Linux-Rechnern im Rechnerpool installiert sind (nur SuSE-Distribution, Auswahl).

Ein Listing aller installierten Softwaremodule erhält man mit dem Befehl

rpm -q -a --queryformat "%+25{NAME}-%-12{VERSION}\t%{SUMMARY}\n" | sort

Eine ausführlichere Beschreibung einzelner SW-Pakete erhält man mit

rpm -q -i produktname

Produkt-Version Kurzbeschreibung
a2ps-4.13 Converts ASCII Text into PostScript
abiword-2.0.5 A Multi-Platform Word Processor
acroread-5.09 Acrobat Reader for PDF Files
antiword-0.35 A Free MS Word Reader for Linux and RISC OS
apache2-2.0.49 The Apache web server (version 2.0)
argus-2.0.5 Network monitoring tool
avifile-0.7.38 AVI File Support Library
bison-1.875 The GNU Parser Generator
blas-3.0 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
blender-2.32 3D animation and rendering software
bluefish-0.12 A featurerich HTML editor
bogofilter-0.16.4 Fast Anti-Spam Filtering by Bayesian Statistical Analysis
bug-buddy-2.4.2 The GNOME 2.x Desktop Bug Reporting Tool
bzip2-1.0.2 A program for compressing files
calctool-2.4.13 A Scientific Calculator
cdparanoia-IIIalpha9.8 A program for extracting, verifying, and fixing audio tracks from CDs
cdrecord-2.01a27 Tool for writing CDRs
chemtool-1.6 Chemtool is a program for 2D drawing organic molecules
clamav-0.70 Anti-Virus Toolkit
convert-1.3 Unit Conversion
db-4.2.52 Berkeley DB Database Library
dia-0.92.2 A Diagram Creation program
dos2unix-3.1 A DOS to UNIX Text Converter
dvd+rw-tools- A Collection of Tools for Mastering DVD+RW/+R Media
eject-2.0.13 A program to eject media under software control
emacs-21.3 GNU Emacs Base Package
enscript-1.6.2 An ASCII to PostScript(tm) Converter
f2c-0.11 A Fortran-77 to C translator
fftw-2.1.3 Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) C subroutine Library
flash-player-6.0.81 Macromedia Flash plugin
ftp-0.17 The standard UNIX FTP client
fvwm2-2.5.9 An Improved Version of the FVWM Window Manager
gcc-3.3.3 The GNU C Compiler and Support Files
gcc-c++-3.3.3 The GNU C++ Compiler
gcc-g77-3.3.3 GNU Fortran Compiler
gcc-java-3.3.3 The GNU Java Compiler
gedit-2.4.1 The Editor for the GNOME 2.x Desktop
geg-1.0.2 Simple program for plotting 2-dimensional mathematical functions
ghostscript-x11-7.07.1rc1 Ghostscript for the X Window System
ghostview-1.5 Ghostview
gimp-2.0.0 The GNU Image Manipulation Program
gnome-panel-2.4.2 The GNOME 2.x Desktop Panel
gnuchess-5.06 GNU chess program
gnumeric-1.2.8 A Spreadsheet
gnump3d-2.6 GNU MP3 Streaming Server
gnuplot-3.7.3 Function Plotting Utility
gpdf-0.112.1 A GNOME PDF Viewer
gphoto-2.1.4 A digital camera utility
gtk-1.2.10 A library for the creation of graphical user interfaces
gtoaster-1.0Beta2 GNOME CD Recording Tool
gv-3.5.8 A program to view PostScript files
gvim-6.2 vi with GUI
gzip-1.3.5 GNU Zip Compression Utilities
htmldoc-1.8.23 HTML processor that generates HTML, PostScript, and PDF files
ImageMagick-5.5.7 Viewer and converter for images
ispell-3.2.06 A Spell checker
ispell-german-1.5 German ispell dictionary
java2-1.4.2 Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition
koffice-1.3 Libraries and base files for the KDE Office suite
mozilla-1.6 The Open Source successor of the Netscape browser
mupad-2.5.2 Multi Processing Algebra Data Tool
mutt-1.5.6i Mail program
mysql-4.0.18 A true Multi-User, Multi-Threaded SQL Database Server
OpenOffice_org-1.1.1 A Free Office Suite (the Language Independent part)
opera-7.51 Fast Web Browser
perl-5.8.3 The Perl interpreter
photocd-1.12 An image converter
php4-4.3.4 PHP4 Core Files
pia-3.91 Simple Movie Player
pico-4.58 A small, easy to use editor
pine-4.58 The Pine e-mail program
plotutils-2.4.1 The GNU Plotting Utilities
povray-3.50c Ray Tracer
procmail-3.22 A program for local e-mail delivery
psutils-p17 Tools for manipulating PostScript files
python-2.3.3 Python Interpreter
qt3-3.3.1 A library for developing applications with graphical user interfaces
quanta-3.2.1 HTML Source Editor
RealPlayer- RealPlayer Web Browser Plug-in
spamassassin-2.64 a spam filter for email written in perl
tar-1.13.25 GNU implementation of tar ( (t)ape (ar)chiver )
tcl-8.4.6 The Tcl scripting language
tetex-2.0.2 The base system of teTeX
tex4ht-20020613 TeX/LaTeX-to-HTML/XHTML/XML Converter
tiff-3.6.1 Tools for converting from/to tiff
tk-8.4.6 TK Toolkit for TCL
units-1.74 Units Conversion Utility
unix2dos-2.2 UNIX to DOS text file format converter
unrar-3.3.6 A program to extract, test, and view RAR archives
unzip-5.50 A program to unpack compressed files
vacation- A way to automatically reply to incoming e-mail
vim-6.2 Vi IMproved
words-words.2 An English dictionary
wv2-0.2.1 library to import Microsoft Word documents
xfig-3.2.4 Facility for Interactive Generation of Figures under the X Window System
xpdf-3.00 A PDF File Viewer for the X Window System
xv-3.10a GIF/TIFF/JPEG/PostScript Image Viewer
zip-2.3 File compression program
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