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Rules for the use of the PC Centre Room 33.02

Fachbereich Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie der Freien Universität Berlin
Institut für Chemie
Takustr. 3, 14195 Berlin

1. Access

Access is reserved to students of chemistry and biochemistry at the FU Berlin, staff of the Institut für Chemie at the FU Berlin and other registered ChemNet users.

Swipe cards for the lock system can be obtained from Dr. W. Dreißig (Takustr. 6, room 033; Euro 5.00 borrowing fee and Euro 5.00 for material).

The centre is open to authorized users every day for 24 hours.

2. General rules

(1) The equipment is to be used properly and carefully. If required, ask for a demonstration (please contact Dr. B. Kirste). Machines (PCs and monitors) are on all day - as a rule, the computers are not switched off.

(2) You are not permitted to remove any equipment (hardware), furniture or manuals, even for a short period of time, unless specially authorized to do so.

(3) Tampering with the computers is prohibited. Network cables must not be disconnected. Users must not install any software without permission; if required, please contact Dr. B. Kirste.

(4) Users (other than teaching staff) must not connect any notebooks etc. without prior agreement.

(5) Eating, drinking or smoking is not allowed in the PC Centre. Jackets, coats and bags must be left outside.

(6) Teaching sessions take priority.

(7) Please note that all relevant laws and legal regulations are also in force here (such as data protection, copyright, copying restrictions, law against child pornography).

(8) In addition, the rules of the ZEDAT apply as and where appropriate.

3. Printing

As long as the cost is covered by the material prepayment, printers may currently be used free of charge. In case of extensive print jobs (over 50 pages), the cost of the toner is to be paid for (2 cents per page). Users need to provide their own paper; if necessary, this can be obtained from B. Kirste (at 1 cent per sheet).

Misuse of the printers is a punishable offence.

4. Fault reporting

Please report any technical faults or incidents immediately to:

Dr. B. Kirste, ext. 56484, room 26.11, email

Status: 2003-11-24 (Dr. B. Kirste)

Burkhard Kirste, 2003-11-29
translated by Birgit Kirste
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