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Hints for Using the Computer Room (Takustr. 6)

The computer room in the building Takustr. 6 has been closed down finally in February 2009. The PCs have been put up again in the library (Takustr. 3). Furthermore, the computer room in the building Takustr. 3 is available (room 33.02).

In October 2004, this computer room has been equipped with 10 new PCs which may be used under the operating systems Windows or Linux.

Rules for the use

From Monday to Friday all computers in the computer room are at the disposal of all users of CHEMnet from 8:00 to 20:00 hours, but courses have priority.

The servers of the Institute of Chemistry / Crystallography may also be used for courses, otherwise members of the Institute of Chemistry / Crystallography have priority.

The computers must not be rebooted without consent of an administrator of CHEMnet. Since the computers (contrary to PC's) run in multi-user mode, they must not be switched off under any circumstances!

The use of games is only permitted if other users are not impaired in their work (only with load < 1.0, available with the command 'w'). Programs with sound output may be started with volume > 0 only after catching up the agreement of all other present users. Basically courses and the handling of scientific questions have priority.

Access regulation

The access to the computer room is regulated by means of a door locking system based on magnetic cards. The cards are handed out by the system administrators of CHEMnet when filing an application for the use of CHEMnet.

The fee is EUR 10.- for each card, of which EUR 5.- will be reimbursed when the card is returned. EUR 5.- are used for the cost of materials (mainly toner for the laser printer buche).

The access to the computer room is recorded. These recordings are only used for clearing up criminal offenses (theft, damage of equipment), not for a supervision of presence. The user must declare his consent with these access rules when acquiring the magnetic card.


In the computer room (library) there is still one computer from the CIP program, Nernst, as well as the printer buche (laser printer HP Laserjet 4Si, duplex printing).

Wolfgang Dreißig; 24 February 1995; 2009-08-28 BKi
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